11:00am - 5:00pm

Carnival Field, Wilmslow, SK9 5NG

Competitions List

Please click on the link below to find all the details of each Class. Don’t forget to complete an entry form for any Class you want to compete in and check the rules before you apply:

Good Luck!

SECTION A 2019 Flower Arranging

SECTION B 2019  Sweet Peas

SECTION C 2019 Cut Flowers

SECTION D 2019 Roses

SECTION E 2019  Plants

SECTION-F-2019 Cacti and Succulents

SECTION G 2019  Fruit

SECTION H 2019 Vegetables

SECTION I 2019  Handicrafts

SECTION J 2019 Cookery

SECTION K 2019 Young People’s Cookery

SECTION L 2019  Young People’s Natural History

SECTION M 2019 Young People’s Handicrafts