11:00am - 4:00pm

Carnival Field, Wilmslow, SK9 5NG

Trade Stands

We welcome applications for you to attend the Show as a trade exhibitor. Please note there is a reduction on the price of attendance if you have booked and paid before the 31st March 2022

We welcome a variety of exhibitors in our outside market area- with a number of different sized spaces available. Please be aware you are responsible for your own gazebo though we can hire tables and chairs for you if necessary.

In association with Wilmslow Town Council, we are delighted to encourage a number of local Charities and Community Groups to attend- either to raise funds or to tell local residents what you do. Stalls for community groups and charities are subsidised by the Town Council.

If you are interested in performing in any of the arenas or the bandstand, then please email us on wilmslowcommunityshow@gmail.com.

We aim to get a mix of Catering outlets to make sure our visitors can choose from a wide range of refreshment.

In all instances, please fill in the appropriate form (having checked the Terms and Conditions) to apply. There is a contact email on each application form if you have any queries.